Manometer, Thermometer, Druckmittler und Drucksensoren von Suchy

Dear user of measuring instruments
for pressure and temperature

The purpose of our internet presence is to offer a great variety of technical details and to introduce our enterprise together with its employees.

Starting already in 1988, the company - then under the name SUCHY - offers a comprehensive service regarding all aspects of measurement technology. Customers as well as employees are in the focus of our company´s philosophy. We are convinced, that during these times of global change and increased competition only those enterprises will survive, which permanently service people.

IFollowing this philosophy we have developed the following principles which are authoritative for our acting as an enterprise:

We -SUCHY MESSTECHNIK -, want to offer our clientele modern measuring instruments for pressure and temperature based on a high quality, a suitable price-service-ratio and being available in short times of delivery. At the same time, our company shall be a working and living place where our em- ployees can fully develop their skills for the advantage of our customers.

Our Company-Slogan points this out:

SUCHY MESSTECHNIK    . . .  a t t u n e d   t o   y o u

In our commitment, ethical values like honesty, reliability and a kind and helpful relation with our customers is the basis of our actions. To keep these values alive, we practise an active exchange with other enterprises in the 'Association of Christians in Business e. V.', of which SUCHY Messtechnik is an active member.

One of our strengths is the client-orientation in all our services, with a strong technical competence and supplying measuring instruments with a high quality and a wide flexibility to react to customers´ requests immediately.

All issues and questions will be solved by our motivated team having a long experience. Our employees and me, we are looking forward to serve you!

Frank Suchy

Please do me a favour: Tell me if our above mentioned principles do not match with our actions!